The site (and this page) are still very much under construction. For now, the primary focus of activity is the SBL Greek New Testament page (see the menu bar above). For a listing of my other publications and presentations, see the Bibliography and Publications page.

2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Chip Fields says:

    I wrote you back in 92 while in seminary at Baptist Bible Graduate School in Springfield, Mo. My prof (Ron Minton) encouraged me to write you since I was interested in NT Textual Criticism. You directed me to Paul McReynolds and the IGNT project. I got to collate a manuscript for John. I later got to spend some time with Bruce Metzger while working on a ThM at PTS, and then Barbara Aland in Muenster. Then I spent the next 20 years as an Army chaplain and lost interest in the subject. Now that I’m about to retire from the Army, that interest is returning. Thanks for writing me back….I still have the letter!

  2. AHMED says:

    thank you so much Prof. holmes

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